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Kitchen Remodel

Brighton Kitchen Remodeling

Renaissance Renovations offers innovative new kitchen & bath design solutions using premiere products and up-to-the-minute technology.

Kitchen Remodeling

Bathroom Remodel

Brighton Bathroom Remodeling

Did you know that the investment return on the average bathroom remodel is 80 to 90 percent? So, remodeling your bathroom is almost free?

Bathroom Remodeling

Whole House

Brighton house remodeling

We are personally available at every stage of a project, from the initial consultation through the design phase to the selection of products and our expert installation.

Whole House Remodeling

Home Additions

Brighton home additions

Our Brighton remodeling team invite you to experience a new home addition remodel and make your dream of new rooms a beautiful, functional reality.

Home Additions

Your Home Remodeling Professionals – From Custom Decks to Whole House Renovations

Renaissance Renovations has been a Brighton remodeling contractor since 1991 with a fully professional design-build service that specializes in home expansion and re-design. Existing homes have unlimited potential and can be upgraded to include the features and amenities that today’s new homes offer.

By taking an in-depth and personal approach to preparing for every project (large or small), Renaissance Renovations’s commitment to quality and project management assures that your project will be completed on time and an experience that is sure to be enjoyable.

Our Livingston County design & build experts will meet with you to explore your needs and desires and then give professional guidance to formulate your specific set of design parameters. With these parameters, a fully dimensioned and detailed plan is drafted.

In addition, all specific materials, products, and finishes are thoroughly analyzed, understood, and agreed upon to establish your complete set of written specifications. It is these valuable documents that will assure smooth construction.

Contact Your “Design Build Professionals” Today

Custom Deck Construction

Brighton custom decks

Renaissance Renovations prides itself on providing quality craftsmanship, and will work closely with you through every step of the design and construction process in order to create a customized outdoor living space that suits your needs. […]

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Sunrooms & Porches

Brighton sunrooms and porches

A screened porch is more than a deck with screens. It takes a pro to understand the necessary nuances. If your screened porch affects the light in adjacent rooms, you may want a skylight to compensate. […]

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If you are looking for a Brighton or Livingston County area remodeling contractor then please call 810-227-0555 or complete our online request form.

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